1.  A Perfect Night?
Wine and movie theater buttered popcorn...the more butter the better!

2.  Kids?
Trevor and I currently have three fur babies, Cali the yellow lab, and Turbo & Diesel the cats.  We can't wait to start a human family of our own, but for now, give me all the snuggles and lint rollers!

3.  Oldie but Goodie or Techno Wizard?
Pen to Paper is the only way to do it, and the more color coding the better.  New office supplies make my past teacher heart so happy!

4. Did someone say "Adventure"?!
When I am not shooting photos, you can find me hiking, dirt biking, mountain biking, or boating!

5. It's not just a job, there has always been a spark!
Growing up, my favorite movie was my parents wedding video!! I watched their wedding on repeat, I danced and sang "More than Words" their first dance song, and of course I was always looking through their photo album!

If you are looking for the perfect balance of candid emotions and pretty posed pictures, then you have found your photographer!

I have spent years perfecting the balance of knowing when to step in and help you strike a pose, and when to let the moments continue naturally and capture them as they happen!

On your wedding day, I want you to reminisce in your love, while also bringing joy to your day!  I truly care about getting to know you on a personal level, what makes you two, you!

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I love to frequent the Napa Valley and the City, and I love to adventure to other dreamy locations and venues that Northern California has to offer!

About Alyssa Wendt

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