Point Pinole Regional Shoreline Engagement Session ⎮ Piper & Sam

If there was an award for best “how they met” and “how he proposed” stories, these two would get first place! Set the scene- Piper works for a technology company, and Sam manages private jets at the Oakland airport, neither have any connections or things in common.

Got you to want to read more, didn’t I?? Sam and Piper actually met through lift! Piper was out on the town for a fun night with her ladies, and Sam was driving for Lyft part time because he loves driving and figured it would be a good way to make a couple extra bucks. Once Piper got in the lift, she started chatting to Sam, and quickly got the to idea that he would make a great boyfriend…for her friends! Piper, who had a boyfriend at the time, refused to get out fo the Lyft until Sam gave her his number for her friends. She was ready to play matchmaker and couldn’t wait to set Sam up! Fast forward a couple of months, Sam and Piper finally reconnected, and Piper was single and very much so remembered how great of a guy Sam was. She invited him over, and she says he hasn’t left since! ;p

Almost four years later, and time was ticking. Sam knew that Piper was the one, and so he picked out a ring and decided he was going to wait for just the right moment to propose. Four to five months goes by, and it was time to celebrate Piper’s 30th birthday, and doing what Piper does best, she planned away! Sam had an idea he was going to propose on Piper’s perfectly planned birthday trip, so ring in tow, Piper and Sam boarded a plane to Italy!

This is where every guy gets jealous…all Sam had to do was ask the question. Piper had planned the trip to a tee, and wow, it was a well planned out trip around Italy! When Piper and Sam reached the Island of Capri, Piper had no idea that she had set the perfect scene for her upcoming proposal. She thought that Sam was going to pop the question later in the trip, so when she planned a simple romantic sunset cruise around the island, she didn’t think twice about a proposal. With views of Capri, floating in the Mediterranean on a small private boat, sun setting on the horizon, eighty degree weather, nothing gets more romantic. This was it! Piper was up in the front of the tiny boat, just out of ear shot. Sam turned to the captain and showed him the ring, who instantly responded by nervously scrambling for his phone to capture Sam’s surprise proposal! There, Sam got down on one knee and stuttered “Piper, will you be my man?”

Piper and Sam, from the second you two stepped out of your car with a wagon for your puppy, to the minute that you covered yourselves in champagne with a smile, your session was filled with so much excitement! We were blessed with perfect weather, sunny and 75, with a light breeze blowing through the trees, allowing us to escape our 100 degree homes! Piper, I love how prepared you were, a picnic blanket, champagne, extra champagne, Porter the puppy and his dinner, two great outfits, and a smile. Sam, you took “feels awkward, looks great” like a champ, and you were so good at getting Piper to genuinely giggle. I cannot wait to get you two back in front of my camera, and to continue this journey together!

Kind Words from Piper & Sam:

Is 1000 stars too many? We could not have loved our engagement photo shoot with Alyssa more. She made it so comfortable and my fiancé actually said “we should do that again” when we left. Alyssa made it fun, easy going, and delivered INCREDIBLE photos early! We can’t wait to have her shoot out wedding too.

Alyssa is kind, responsive, professional and truly just an amazing photographer. If you want photos that are truly TOP TIER quality, Alyssa is your girl.

June 10, 2020

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