Mt. Diablo Engagement Session ⎮ Kendall & Austin

“I’m not photogenic, I don’t know what to do.” “I don’t like taking pictures.” “I am doing this for her.” The most common phrases that I hear from almost every single guy that shows up at an engagement session, and Austin was just like every other guy. Guys, I get it! This is not something that you think is going to be fun. It is not something that you think will be natural, BUT don’t worry, that’s what I am here for! I am here to guide you through the entire session, and trust me when I say, it will be easy and enjoyable, and it will fly by!

Parked on the side of the road, and Mt. Diablo towering overhead, Kendall and Austin knew about the perfect location for their engagement session! Not only was the location absolutely beautiful, but it is special to the two of them because it is right by where they live!

Having been together for almost twelve years, Kendall and Austin are the definition of high school sweethearts! Kendall now working in the medical field, and Austin working in a really cool niche job as an elevator mechanic, these two are unstoppable! When Austin was preparing to pop the question, he wanted to make sure that Kendall didn’t know exactly what was going on, but it was also an exciting couple of days! On top of Kendall receiving a puppy, and it being Christmas time, Austin planned a special evening with family for the two of them to celebrate with, making sure that it was special! Puppies and an engagement ring, what gets better than that?!?

Kendall and Austin, having not been able to photograph clients due to Covid-19 for so long, you two, being my first session back, reminded me why I LOVE this job! We had great conversations, you two were easy going, and all around great people! You two were meant to be an Alyssa Wendt Couple! I already love you both so much and I cannot wait to continue to follow along this journey with the two of you, and be there as you say, I do!

August 7, 2021

June 6, 2020

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