Almond Blossom Engagement Session ⎮ Lara & Matt

I have had the opportunity to photograph Lara and Matt many times, and they are now very comfortable in front of my camera! It is always a dream getting to photograph them in a new location, and under new circumstances…now that they are officially engaged!!!

Since I have blogged about these two, their story, and their proposal, I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about these two wonderful human beings!

1. Adventurous is one of the first words that comes to mind when I think of these two! While just like any other couple, they love a good day filled with binge watching cuddled up on the couch, when they aren’t relaxing, I know I can always find these two on a new adventure! From walking and hiking, to horseback riding, these two do it all! Many of their adventures bring them up to Genoa where Matt’s family lives. Here, they enjoy walks around the open land, with the Sierras peaking out in the background. Horseback riding is also a huge part of Lara’s life, as she grew up with horses in her life. Matt, growing up with the itch for rodeo himself, these two love to take Lara’s horses and go for a ride any chance they get!

2. Unlike most couples who say “yes we love wine and beer”, Matt takes it to the next level! He is a phenomenal at home brewer, always sharing his next batch of beer or cider with us! Besides sharing his beer, Matt loves sharing his knowledge of the different hops and ingredients that go in with his hard work, and Lara is always excited to learn the similarities and differences! Wine isn’t far off, where he doesn’t make wine, but he the passion and knowledge that was passed down from his parents love of good wine! Together, Lara and Matt take these passions and don’t drink to drink, but drink for the flavors and finding new beer or wine that they love sharing together! Breweries, beer fests, and wineries are always top on the list when traveling!

3. These two can swing and dance like none other! Lara and Matt have some serious dance skills, some of which involve Matt flipping Lara in the air! Talk about amazing! These two like to swing each other around, and country concerts are one of the best places to do this! Lara and Matt are always keeping their eyes out for concerts and local venues with local artists, big name country stars, and of course line dancing! Bonus, what better to go with country music, than beer!

4. Continuing on with the adventure theme, Lara and Matt will always say yes to a day on the water! They love to take the boat out for a cruise around Emerald Bay, or over to Camp Richardson/The Beacon for a Rum Runner! The Jet Ski is also a fun way that they love to get around by water. When the weather changes from warm and sunny, to cold and snowy, these two continue to find ways to have fun in the mountains! Matt loves to snowboard, and Lara gets better at skiing every time they hop on the mountain!

Lara and Matt, thank you for continuing to pick me to photograph your big milestones in your lives! I cannot wait to keep capturing the two of you as you grow together through your marriage! I know it will be filled with many adventures, dancing, good music, and an even better drink in hand! Cheers!

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March 1, 2020

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