Walnut Creek Family Portrait Session ⎮ Chang Family

The Chang Family and I met under special circumstances! This year I decided to be a sponsor at an event, the Norcal Kids Triathlon. The triathlon was founded in 2008 by two Orinda community members who wanted to inspire kids to get out, get fit, and have fun doing so! This triathlon is a no stress, but active way to get kids out and competing against other kids their age in their community! At the event this year, on top of photographing the event, I hosted a raffle for a free 30 minute mini session in Walnut Creek. The Chang family entered and won the raffle and I had so much fun taking their family pictures!

My favorite memory from our short time together is when I was taking pictures of Danielle and Calvin, and after we had run through a couple of poses, I turned around to see Marcus and Lillian posing each other! Marcus would hold up a pretend camera and tell Lillian how to stand, then he would snap some pictures. Once Marcus had posed Lillian and was satisfied with his shots, they would switch and Lillian would take the lead as “photographer” and pose Marcus, getting the shots that she needed! Lilian and Marcus, I have never smiled so much as I did watching you two play “photographer”!

The rest of the session Marcus had ideas for me all over the places! He gave me advice on who I should take pictures of next, just Lillian, just himself, mom and dad, etc.! He also loved coming up with new poses for himself, which I loved capturing his creative side!

Danielle, Calvin, Marcus, and Lillian, thank you so much for dressing up and posing with me! Lillian, your dress was beautiful and a great inspiration for colors for your families attire. You two remind me of my brother and I when we were little, and I loved watching you two come up with creative games while you weren’t in the pictures. I hope you enjoy this post, and I am looking forward to getting you your full gallery soon!


Kind Words from the Chang Family:

Alyssa created a photography experience that was genuine, kind, responsive, helpful, creative, fun, and skillful! Her interactions with all members of the family were lovely but my children were especially fond of her approach. I will have Alyssa do our family photography for years to come! You won’t be disappointed at any time throughout your experience and your photos will be beyond delightful! Thank you Alyssa for your artistic talent and amazing energy!!

October 8, 2019

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