Lafayette Maternity Session ⎮ Amber

Bees buzzing in and out of a hive. A steep hill to climb ahead. This was not the best start to a session, but we persisted. Thank goodness we did. Off the trail, a hill scattered with white, purple, and yellow. A dreamy backdrop for a session with a glowing mama to be!

Let’s just say that there were a couple of bumps along the road…but they only made for a more memorable session! As Amber and I were hiking up the hill to our location, a bee buzzed out of a hive and into Amber’s thick curly hair! I dropped everything and ran back to her, immediately searching through her curls for the loud buzzing!! Curl by curl. I found it, and went to pull it out…forgetting it was a bee, it bit me! It made its way back into Amber’s r hair as angry as ever! I kept digging and this time we got it out! Laughing, we scooted up the hill as fast as we could to get away from the hidden bee hive!

Amber, I love how you were up for a challenging location, and turned our evening into an adventure! You knew it wouldn’t be an easy spot to get to, but you knew the pictures would make it well worth the hike! I loved getting to know more about you and your growing family! While he is still small and growing right now, I cannot wait to meet your baby boy!

April 19, 2019

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