Saint Mary’s College, Senior Session ⎮ Aedan & Christa

These two might be best friends now, but it hasn’t always been that way. When Aedan and Christa first met at Saint Mary’s College, they were not destined to be best friends, or even friends for that matter. However, one common interest brought them together…being an RA!

While at Saint Mary’s both Aedan and Christa signed up to be RA’s. They didn’t know each other, they didn’t know anyone. At the beginning of the year, the RA’s go to a retreat where they camp and do activities. Aedan and Christa sat next to each other on the bus, and quickly bonded over similarities. They loved that they were going through similar college experiences (both being RA’s) and were able to confide in one another when things got tough! Through the support of the RA program, Aedan and Christa became best friends.

All About Aedan

Aedan is originally from San Antonio Texas, which is where she will be returning when she graduates from Saint Mary’s in just a couple of weeks! While at Saint Mary’s Aedan loved being a part of the residence hall program! She will be graduating Summa Cum Laude with her BA in Communications and a minor in dance. Aedan accepted an internship with Visit San Antonio which she will begin upon returning to her home town after graduation! Down the road, Aedan is looking forward into getting into publishing! She loves all types of writing and would enjoy any roll in the publishing field! In her free time, Aedan loves to dance, draw, and read a good book while tanning at the pool!

All About Christa

Christa made her way up to Saint Mary’s from Temecula, CA. While at Saint Mary’s, Christa connected with the Residence Hall programs, and was an RA for two years! She loved her experience because she gained a family away from home! She will be graduating with her BA in Psychology with an emphasis in neuroscience. Christa really loves animals, so after she graduates she has found a job where she gets to spend every day with animals! She will be working at an animal ambassador organization called Wild Wonders. There she will act as a zookeeper as well as an educator who brings animals to schools, libraries, etc. and teaches them about the animals and conservation. Fun fact: Christa’s favorite animal is a lemur because they are so fun and quirky! When Christa isn’t hanging out with animals, you can find her cooking up some hot vegetarian dishes or exploring the Bay! She also has a hidden talent of creating beautiful stained glass!

Congratulations to the Saint Mary’s College Graduating Class of 2019!

March 31, 2019

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