Walnut Creek Senior Session ⎮ Liam Ferguson

Alaska, Isreal, Search and Rescue, Caring, Giving, Kind, are all words that describe Liam Ferguson. He is a senior at Miramonte High School in Orinda, California, and he is truly one of a kind!

Liam grew up in Alaska where he loved the outdoors and going on adventures. One day Liam was hiking with a group, including his dad. They got stuck due to weather and they couldn’t safely leave their location. After about 5 hours of staying still/safe, they called for the Alaska State Troopers for assistance. The state troopers couldn’t get to them so they ended up having to call in the Air Force Paratroopers! When the Air Force arrived by helicopter, they parachuted down and then hiked up to wear Liam and his group were stuck. After a quick refresher of snickers and gatorade, they were strapped to harnesses and lifted into a helicopter!!! Liam was super excited because he got to go first!

After Liam and his group were rescued, it led him to want to get into search and rescue. Soon after, in 8th grade, Liam’s family moved to Israel for a year, where he made many friends and loved his time there. After a year in Israel, Liam and his family moved to the Bay Area for his mother’s work. He spent the next four years at Miramonte High School where he pursued his passion in Search and Rescue. Liam’s past experiences sparked his interest and he joined Contra Costa County Search and Rescue, first as a Cadet, but soon started climbing through the ranks as he proved his worth. Liam has been apart of search and rescue for about 4 years now and he has already had some amazing experiences. From helping when disaster hits, such as a fire, to practice training missions on Mount Diablo and other trails in the area, Liam has loved his time with Contra Costa County Search and Rescue!

Next year instead of attending a four year college, Liam will be traveling back to Israel. He will be joining his friends on the Israel side, where he will continue in Search and Rescue.

Liam, I had so much fun with you and your mom! You were filled with smiles and up for anything! You made our evening effortless and you have such an interesting story to tell! You had me constantly on my toes wanting to know more about you! Thank you for sharing your amazing story with me, and I cannot wait to see where next year takes you!

Congratulations to the Miramonte Graduating Class of 2019!

March 23, 2019

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