Walnut Creek Maternity Session ⎮ Brenda & Login

Mud squishing below our feet. Temperatures dropping with the setting sun, below 50 degrees. 31 weeks pregnant. Brenda and Login braved the cold and the slippery trails during our time together in the rolling green California hills!

Brenda and Login met over 8 years ago! Brenda’s younger brother played football with Login and since they went to the same high school, their paths were bound to cross! Login always had his eye on Brenda, and thanks to Facebook, he started sending her messages online. She responded, and the rest of the 8 years is history!

Brenda and Login new almost instantly that they were pregnant! However, it was very much like Goldilocks and the Three Bears when they tried to confirm their suspicions. They didn’t believe the first pregnancy test because it was old. They didn’t believe the second pregnancy test because it was faded. The third time was the charm when the final pregnancy test had confirmed what they already new!

At first they both wanted a girl, then Login started to hope for a boy. Brendas wish came true when they found out they were expecting a girl! Login was just as excited when they found out…maybe their next baby will be a younger brother 😉

With no name picked out yet, Brenda and Login are hoping that when baby girl is born, they will just know that she looks like a (insert favorite baby name here)!

Brenda and Login, your baby girl is so lucky to have the two of you as her parents. You are both filled with so much joy and love that shows in your eyes. From the way you look at the bump, to the way you talk about your soon to be daughter, your faces light up with happiness. You two are going to be amazing parents, and I cannot wait to meet the little girl!

Dress: Pink Blush

February 10, 2019

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